Feeling Utterly Happy

Do you ever feel like I do? Utterly happy and completely content. That one little special moment when everything falls silent for a couple of seconds and there is nothing but happiness. The only thing you feel is your heartbeat, banging in your chest, and there is nothing but the ball. Yeah, those moments are moments I would want to stay forever.
Unfortunately I don’t always feel like that. But luckily there are some of those special moments in my life. Every week, same time, same day.
Every week I cycle to volleyball and practise. Every week I feel utterly happy for a little while, though it’s just a matter of hours till practise is over and I have to go home again. They say home is where the heart is, but I think my heart is where my sport is.

Playing volleyball is an amazing feeling. I’m quite good actually, even if I say myself, and it makes me so happy. I get the ball and I just smash it. There are a thousand techniques to do so, but when I get that ball, and it’s time to smash, I forget about all of them and just do it. I think that is excactly how you should live your life, like a great match. You have got to know the techniques and how life works, but in the end you still have to do it. And when it’s time to do so, you aren’t going to think about everything you have learned your whole life, no, you are just going to do it and do it perfect!
Why perfect? You will do it perfect because everything you are doing with your heart in it, you will do perfectly.

“What you can achieve is limited by only how far you can see” – Vision. 



About Susan Tim Chase

Volleyball, Drawing, Taekwon-Do, Friends :) Never stop dreaming, we are infinite.
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