Your Own Perfect Little Heaven

What’s on the other side? Where do you go? Do you even go anywhere? What are you going to do, once you arrived? They say God knows, but what if he doesn’t?

You are gone, you have had a wonderful (or maybe less wonderful) life. It will be over, for every single one of us. Nobody can deny it. Nobody should. But where do you go?
Though I study all beta subjects (and I should maybe know there is no such thing as Heaven because where could it probably be?) I still believe in a place like Heaven. Foolish and childish? Maybe.
I think heaven is my perfect little space. The paradise where I will re-meet my deceased family and friends and where the love of my life will be waiting. There I will feel like I fly and fall at the same time, and there are no bad things. No rain, green fields, lovely weather, sandy beaches, the best music and enough time and space to practice all my sports. That would be my Heaven. I think everybody has their own Heaven, like your soul goes to your personal parallel dimension of happiness.

I hope this is true so bad, because when it is, I don’t have to fear death. I don’t have to be afraid of dying and missing everything on earth, because I will be in a place where I can be utterly happy. And when you don’t fear death, you can see the real beauty of life, and live like everyday is going to be the last. That’s what I am going to believe, because with my faith in a beautiful Heaven, I know no fear.

How do you find it?
Maybe there is a God who knows where we can find Heaven, but beta as I am, I don’t believe that. There are so many explanations for life on earth, lightning, earthquakes etc. I just can’t believe there is a God. Sorry if I insult you, I can’t help it.
Heaven is a place you have to deserve, and the only one who will say if you deserve it, are you. You decide for yourself, and be truly honest with yourself, if you deserve it. In my opinion, everybody has good it him/herself, so please let it out and your own perfect little paradise will be waiting for you when it’s your time.


About Susan Tim Chase

Volleyball, Drawing, Taekwon-Do, Friends :) Never stop dreaming, we are infinite.
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2 Responses to Your Own Perfect Little Heaven

  1. shianwrites says:

    One day all our questions and wonders will be answered. 🙂

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