How Music Saved Me

Whenever I feel lost, I listen to music. Sometimes I even play it myself. I mentally embrace the song, and refuse to let go of it. Well, until the next song starts to play. Then it’s time to move on, an leave my sad thoughts, connecting them to the song.
Songs are my way of releasing my anger and sadness. I won’t scream. I won’t cry. I simply put my feelings in my music.

Last summer, somebody I was very close to committed suicide. I was devastated. I still am. Though my world stopped spinning now she was dead , my music had never been so alive. All my favorite songs got a whole new meaning. Every word of the lyrics meant the world to me. Without that music, I think I would’ve been dead now.
Have you ever felt so hopeless? Like there was no way out?
I’ve been there, I have experienced every bit of that mental state. And believe me, you are better off happy. Suicide is not the way to deal with your problems. The thing that stopped me, was once again music. Not by me putting my feelings into it, but by letting the song in my heart. Lyrics about love, life, traveling all over the world. You can’t miss that! If you leave now, how about your first tattoo or piercing? How about children, how about college? How about traveling around the world in 88 days? Nobody can leave until their bucket list is finished. I am still writing mine, so how can I leave when I haven’t even finished writing, let go of doing everything!

I am not going to review what I’ve just written. I won’t change a single word. It came right from my heart. Hopefully you will feel my emotions in yours. Thumbs up for music, thumbs up for salvation.


About Susan Tim Chase

Volleyball, Drawing, Taekwon-Do, Friends :) Never stop dreaming, we are infinite.
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2 Responses to How Music Saved Me

  1. gypsyess says:

    Ed sheeran is amazing, great song and a lyrical genius. I’m sorry for your loss, you are right… leaving is never the answer. A very beautifully written post.

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