Love and Rome

I haven’t been updating my blog for some time now. But one night, tonight, I suddenly realized I had a blog, and I wanted to update it.
Many things happened in my life lately, and today it’s one big mess. I have been writing, drawing, practicing my sports. I thought I’d fallen in love, but it turned out to be a very painful experience. But hey, that’s what life’s all about, isn’t it? Learning.

One one thing that provided clarity were, again, my friends. We went on a 10 day school trip to Rome, Italy. I walked through all the small Italian streets with my best friends, had dinner in lovely restaurants, went to the Vatican and did so many other things I can’t even name right now or this post would be a kilometer long.
My friends were there, again. And Rome. They say everybody should’ve seen Rome at least once in their lives, and I was always skeptical about that.. A city can’t be that fantastic. Oh boy, I’ve never been more wrong. I went home three months ago, and I already want to visit that lovely city again!



About Susan Tim Chase

Volleyball, Drawing, Taekwon-Do, Friends :) Never stop dreaming, we are infinite.
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