About Me

Hello visitor,

I am a girl, only 16 years old. I live in Holland, in a beautiful city called Amsterdam.
I am just a ordinary girl, nothing special.

There are some things in life you wouldn’t miss for a billion pounds, well in my case those are my hobbies and my friends.
My hobbies are playing volleyball and practising Material Arts (Taekwon-Do). I also play the piano and I love to draw.
People say you can’t live without love, some say you can’t live without oxygen. That may be all true, but I want to add something to this. I think it is completely impossible to live without friendship. Your friends will be the ones to be there when you need them the most, and living without them would break me.

This page is called the rocky road to your destination. Strange name, right? I don’t think it is. I chose this name because all our lives have a destination and to get to your final destination, it’s a rocky road: thing don’t always go the way to want them to go, there are ups and downs. With this blog I want the world to know about me, and meet my rocky road.

Everybody has some favorite people, they can be actors, singers, a model or maybe the neighbor. For me they are mostly actors, I love people’s music but the persons themselves I don’t find inspiring.
Still the people who inspire me aren’t just actors. One of the most inspiring people I know is a teacher of mine. He teaches ancient languages (Ancient Greek and Latin) at our school and he teaches me Ancient Greek. He’s very funny, sweet and understanding, and I can always come to him with my problems.

The actors that inspire me are mostly British.
My number one will be Benedict Cumberbatch. He plays Sherlock in the BBC series Sherlock. He is a brilliant actor and is also a very charming person in real life. I will probably blog about him sometimes 🙂
Another favourite of mine is Hugh Laurie. He is famous for playing dr. House in the House MD series. He is a great actor, and also a great singer! He also had a comedy show and I think his humour is very funny when you are feeling down.
My number three is Alan Rickman. He plays Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series. He is a great actor, and to play a hard role like this one is very hard and he did an amazing job. He also plays in multiple other movies and always he is amazing. And his voice is, well, just.. his voice. 😉
I couldn’t make a top 3, there are just so many amazing actors! This is my shared third place actor: Michael C. Hall. He plays Dexter in the Dexter series and I am a huge fan of the series. I also think it’s so hard to play someone who shows almost no emotions. Congratulations for that!

Hope you know a little bit more about me now, you can always post a comment if you want to know more or just want to talk.


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